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Newly Admitted to ECE FAQ


What is an estimated total cost for one year of study at UCSD?

The Graduate Division publishes updated tuition and fee costs each year. 

I have been admitted to the graduate program. May I defer my admission?

Yes, you may defer for one year to the following Fall Quarter only. When you receive the official email from the Graduate Division requesting your admissions decision, you may choose 'defer'.  You must defer by the first Monday following the registration fee payment deadline.  Then, you should contact the department at least three months prior to the following Fall Quarter so that we can make arrangements to reactivate your admission.

If your plans have changed and you wish to defer after already accepting the offer online, you will need to contact the department immediately (and no later than the first Monday following the registration fee payment deadline).

What is the deadline to apply for graduate student housing? 

There is no deadline. If you are interested in graduate student housing, you should add yourself to the housing waitlist as soon as possible after you are admitted. Graduate student housing is distributed quickly, so we advise getting on the waitlist as soon as you can. Please refer to the following Graduate Student Housing website for more information.

When will I receive my I-20? 

After accepting our offer, a link to the iPortal will appear on your homepage. Follow the directions given in the iPortal to request your I-20.  Please allow for 6 weeks after submitting your request to receive your I-20.

When will I be able to register for classes? 

The enrollment period for new incoming ECE graduate students begins in the summer. You will receive emails periodically throughout the summer, keeping you informed and letting you know the specific dates for enrollment and orientation.

May I change my major / research area after I have been admitted to the graduate program?

The ECE Department admits students to each major very carefully, taking into consideration departmental resources including the availability of faculty advisors and space in required courses. Major / research area changes are therefore not permitted after admission. 

I was recently accepted to the M.S. program. Is any funding available to me?

Unfortunately, there is little support opportunity for masters students. Assistantships are quite rare, very competitive, and certainly not guaranteed. Most of these are reserved for continuing Ph.D. students. Teaching assistant positions are possible though also extremely competitive, and for international students you must still pay nonresident supplemental tuition (TA funding only pays resident tuition, health insurance, and the student services fee). Applying for these are easier when you are on campus, so would be more common for after the first quarter, however you could try to apply via email during the summer.

More information about funding in the ECE Department may be found on our Financial Support website. The UCSD Graduate Division also provides information about funding opportunities

I am a Domestic US student, and would like to be classified in future as a California resident for tuition purposes. What steps should I take?

You should begin the process of becoming a California resident at least one year before the quarter you are seeking reclassification. This includes establishing a physical presence in California, establishing your intent by changing your ties from your previous state of residence to California, and meeting financial independence requirements. This process is described in more detail on the website “How to Change Your Nonresident Status to Resident”; all Domestic US students should read this website thoroughly and familiarize themselves with the requirements. The Residence Deputy in the Registrar’s Office is the final authority in determining the classification of resident status. All questions and concerns should be addressed to the Residency Deputy directly.