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ECE 191 & Design Competition Info

Objective: For ECE juniors to participate in the ECE Design Competition and obtain credit for ECE 191.

The team must consist of ECE juniors (up to 4 students), at least one Rady school student and must have a Faculty mentor.


  • Teams submit their project to the ECE Design Competition: Letter of Intent (May 25 2012), Full Proposal (Oct. 12 2012), Presentation of proposal (Third week of Oct 2012).
  • Teams submit the same project proposal to the ECE 191 instructor on October 12 2012, for approval.
  • The ECE 191 instructor may provide feedback to the team.
  • If approved, teams will register for ECE 191 in winter quarter 2013 and participate in ECE 191 as regular ECE 191 students.
  • The same project can be used to satisfy the ECE design requirement as well as participating in the ECE Design Competition.
  • Teams are not eligible for prizes.
Questions? Please contact Prof. Truong Nguyen, or
the ECE Undergraduate Student Affairs Office, Jacobs Hall 2906.