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Undergraduate Advising / Academic Resources

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisors information

Incoming students who wish to speak to faculty must go to the ECE Undergraduate Student Affairs Office for information. After students choose a depth sequence, they then see the advisor of their depth. The faculty advisor assists students in the planning of their professional and academic careers. The faculty advisor is the best resource to find answers to questions such as: “What are the exciting jobs in electrical engineering?” “What should I look for in a graduate program?” “What technical electives will be most suitable for a career in communications?” “What areas will be hot in computer engineering in the near future?” etc… It is the responsibility of the student to establish contact with his/her faculty advisor.

Advising Staff

Staff Advisors information

The ECE advising staff assists students in scheduling their programs of study. The staff is most helpful in finding answers to questions of the type: “When will ECE 101 be offered again?” “Can CSE 141 be used as a technical elective for electrical engineering?” “Can I petition to receive credit for a class I took at a junior college?” “Will more sections of ECE 35 be opened?” “Who will be teaching ECE 108 in the spring?” “What courses should I take next year?” etc… The ECE advising program runs in parallel to the work of college advisors who assist students with the general-education requirements of each college. It is important that the scheduling of mathematics, physics, and engineering courses be done as suggested in the ECE curriculum tables (See Program Information).

Academic Resources

See below for a full list of resources from general academic help to career guidance: Tau Beta Pi provides tutoring for engineering students! Check out their webpage:

Also see OASIS below for tutoring resources…

Faculty Mentor Program

The Faculty Mentor Program offers research experience to any junior or senior with a GPA of 2.7 or higher who wants to prepare for graduate or professional school. Participants work as research assistants to UCSD faculty members for at least 10 hours per week during the Winter and Spring quarters. Students receive 4 units of 199 independent study credits for each quarter.

McNair Program

The UCSD McNair Program is a one-year rigorous program of scholarly study activities that includes academic-year research placement, summer internship as a research assistant on a faculty mentor’s project, training on how to write and present a scholarly research paper, tutoring, guidance in applying for graduate school and obtaining fellowships, preparation for the GRE and seminars provided by faculty.

University of California Leadership Excellence Through Advanced Degrees

Also known as UC LEADS, this two-year program of research and scholarly activities for undergraduates is designed to prepare students for Ph.D. programs, preferably at the University of California. UC LEADS scholars participate in the UCSD Summer Research Program and continue their research during the following academic year through the Faculty Mentor Program. During the second year, students participate in summer research on another UC campus and continue to be involved in enrichment activities during the academic year at UCSD.

*For more information about the Academic Enrichment Programs, call (858) 534-1774, or visit the website at

Academic Internship Office

The Academic Internship Program is a valuable form of professional training which provide students the opportunity to test their career interests in an off-campus setting. Student benefits include practical experience, career clarification, transcript notation, professional contacts and upper division elective units (pass/no pass).

Contact: (858) 534-4355, email: or visit:

The office is located in the Literature Building on the Warren campus.

Career Services Center

The UCSD Career Services Center is your one-stop-shop for advice and information on internships, careers, graduate school and jobs. Services include career advising for students who need help in choosing a major, exploring and identifying career options, planning careers goals, job search strategies, networking, interviewing and resume preparation. The Career Services Center is located on Library Walk, southwest of the Price Center.


Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS)

OASIS provides individual and group assistance to all registered UCSD undergraduates in a friendly, motivating environment designed to keep students on track for academic success. OASIS has specially trained tutors and peer mentors that provide students with academic support in:

  • Foreign languages (French, Spanish, other languages)
  • Math & science
  • English language assistance for foreign-born students
  • Effective time management
  • Graduate and professionals schools preparation
  • Study and test-taking skills
  • College paper writing
  • Career counseling

OASIS is located on the third floor of Center Hall. For more information, call the front desk at (858) 534-3760, email or visit the website

UCSD Libraries

Finding books, journals, databases and other materials the UCSD library owns; getting a library card; getting list of anything your faculty places “on reserve;” help on time-saving research tips; having quiet spots for studying or tables for groups work, the UCSD Libraries are here to help. For more information, stop by the reference desk at any of the UCSD Libraries. Visit the website: