Concurrent Students

The Concurrent Enrollment Program offered through UCSD Extension allows non-degree seeking students to enroll in UCSD ECE courses (when space is available). Interested students should review ECE's Concurrent Enrollment Policy:

ECE Concurrent Enrollment Policy (effective Spring 2016):

  • Complete the ECE Concurrent Enrollment Form 
    • Students may choose up to 4 ECE courses that they are interested in taking and include courses/experience they may have if they do not have the prerequisites.
    • Form will be available on the ECE Website 9AM Tuesday of Week 1 to Thursday of Week 2 (see Timeline below).
    • Faculty signature is no longer required in order to enroll in ECE courses.
  • Students will be notified Monday, Week 3 at 2pm to bring in their concurrent enrollment form(s) to the ECE Advising Office (undergraduate or graduate) to obtain the Department stamp of approval. Students will only be able to enroll with space permitting.
    • Students have until Thursday of Week 3 to obtain the Department stamp of approval on their concurrent enrollment form(s).

    • For Spring 2020, concurrent enrollment forms will be approved digitally. After getting email approval from the department, please submit your Concurrent Forms through DocuSign .
    • After the deadline, students will not be able to enroll in courses. No exceptions.


  • Students do not need to obtain faculty signature.
  • Students will only be cleared to enroll if there are seats available.
  • Students may not submit concurrent enrollment form(s) on behalf of someone else. Students need to come to the ECE Advising Office in person with their concurrent enrollment form(s) for clearance.

Concurrent Enrollment Timeline

Academic Quarter

Fall 2019

Winter 2020

Spring 2020

Fall 2020

Online Concurrent Enrollment form available

9/30 – 10/10

1/6 – 1/16

3/30 – 4/9

10/5 – 10/15

Students bring forms to ECE Advsing Office 
to get Department stamp of approval

10/14 at 2pm –

10/17 at 3:30pm

1/20 at 2pm –

1/23 at 3:30pm

4/13 at 2pm –

4/16 at 3:30pm

10/19 at 2pm –

10/22 at 3:30pm

Last day to obtain stamp

10/17 at 3:30pm

1/23 at 3:30pm

4/16 at 3:30pm

10/22 at 3:30pm

**Dates are subject to change.