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Faculty Advisors

Why Do You Need an Advisor?

During your undergraduate career, faculty advisors can be a valuable resource. Faculty advisors can provide insight about additional avenues of interest (research, industry, academia) and advice about course work, depth sequences, and other academic issues. Also, your advisors can share their own experiences about electrical engineering and provide a new perspective of industry. These faculty members can help you get accustomed to our university setting and with any problems you might encounter. In addition, faculty can get to know you as a student, and your relationship may lead to limitless possibilities, including recommendations for graduate school, job opportunities, and research experiences.
Electrical Engineering
Incoming students will need to go to the ECE Undergraduate Student Affairs Office to speak to a faculty advisor. When students choose a depth sequence, they will switch to an advisor in that field (resource advisor). This change will take place in the winter quarter to the student's junior year. The student's official advisor is responsible for all official interactions with the department (e.g. petitions, etc.).
Nevertheless, students are encouraged to actively engage other faculty in discussion of career opportunities and all other facets of their academic career. In particular, prior to their choice of depth sequence, students are strongly encouraged to speak with a faculty in their area of interest in order to better understand the career implications of choosing a particular depth.
Depth Advisors (E.E.)
Depth Sequence
Phone Number Location
Devices and Materials
Vitaliy Lomakin
(858) 822-4726 Jacobs Hall 3201
Circuits and Systems
Bang Sup Song
(858) 822-3428 Jacobs Hall 3805
Machine Learning & Controls
David Sworder
(858) 534-4498 Jacobs Hall 6608
Sadik Esener (858) 534-9997 SME Bldg 242J
Communications Systems
Kenneth Zeger (858) 822-0440 Jacobs Hall 6605
Signal & Image Processing
Nuno Vasconcelos
(858) 534-5550 Jacobs Hall 5602
Computer Engineering
Email Phone Number Location
Andrew Kahng
(858) 822-4884 Computer Sci Bldg 2134
Engineering Physics:
Phone Number Location
Kevin Quest (858) 534-4676 Jacobs Hall 2404