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SRIP Projects and Demos

Project Student PI
Learning Latent Object Representations Jinzhao Li Nikolay Atanasov
Task and Motion Planning for Legged Robots Sutej Kulgod Nikolay Atanasov
Hardware Design for Autonomous Quadrotors Xinyang Yu Nikolay Atanasov
Deep Learning Segmentation: Translational Workflow Involving Knee MRI Armin Jamshidi Won Bae
Deep Learning Segmentation: Data Augmentation Kaustaub Lall Won Bae
Capttery: a long range, human-safe wireless power transfer technology Karl Wang Dinesh Bharadia
Bluetooth Localization ++ Keshav Mittal Dinesh Bharadia
All Weather MIMO Radar Keshav Rungta Dinesh Bharadia
Real-time Localization for Virtual Reality using Ultra-Wideband Technology Scott Zhao Dinesh Bharadia
4D Radar for Autonomous Driving Siyuan Zhu Dinesh Bharadia
Speech processing to detect overlap and rate Moon Wahal Pamela Cosman
Power Converter Selection and Control Design for Wind Turbine Application Kevin Kao Reza Esmaili
Solar Power Plant For Residential Application Manh Truong Reza Esmaili
Parkinson's Disease characterization from speech Apurba Bose Harinath Garudadri
Electromagnetic Signal Transmission Above Ocean Ge Lu Peter Gerstoft
dynamic wave extraction via robust PCA Menglai Li Peter Gerstoft
Understanding Social Behavior Through Audio Recording Yihan Hu Peter Gerstoft
Indoor Positioning Using Ultra-Wideband Technology Gino Carfano Prasad Gudem
Tracking Athletes Using Ultra-Wideband Technology Xiaowen Chen Prasad Gudem
Biocell Da Ying Drew Hall
GMR AFE Xiahan Zhou Drew Hall
Collaborative Mobile Augmented Reality Visualization of Molecules Jamshed Ashurov Sam Hessenauer
Python Integration of Alignment and Docking Muzhou Li Sam Hessenauer
Triton Town Jarrett Ratelle Ramsin Khoshabeh
Multi-wavelength PPG Blood Pressure Estimation Jun Hu Ramsin Khoshabeh
Transparent neural interface for probing brain circuits David Ding Duygu Kuzum
Mechanisms for Learning in the Brain Yixiu Liu Duygu Kuzum
Real-time Feedback for Brain Signals Prem Shelat Jyoti Mishra
Human Pose and Activity Recognition Aiman Jabaren Truong Nguyen
VR System Development for 3D Scene Visualization David Zhang Truong Nguyen
Camera Systems for Collaborative Driving Ji Dai Truong Nguyen
3D Scene Reconstruction and Multi-camera Calibration Kunyao Chen Truong Nguyen
Engineers for Exploration: D-SEA  Anfeng Xu Curt Schurgers
Find vulnerable OS software names and versions Junliang Yu Peter Shin
Find vulnerable OS software names and versions Tyus Liu Peter Shin
Triton Town Jarrett Ratelle Jack Silberman
Affordable Smart Wheelchair Project Jesi Miranda Santos Jack Silberman
A Survey on Scale-free Networks Garmen Zeng Behrouz Touri
Diffusion and Epidemic over Random Graphs Zhidong Cao Behrouz Touri
Image Collection with Drones Brandon Leung Nuno Vasconcelos
Multi-frame Action Recognition Hendry Joe Nuno Vasconcelos
Vision-Language Navigation So Sasaki Nuno Vasconcelos
Explainable Ego-Action Planning for Self-Driving Yiran Xu Nuno Vasconcelos
Object Detection in Point Clouds Hongyuan Du, Linjun Li Nuno Vasconcelos
Compressed Networks Arik Horodniceanu Nuno Vasconcelos
Computed-Tomography (CT) guided Robot development and ex-vivo evaluation for a needle lung biopsy procedure Guosong Li Michael Yip
Prototyping, design, and control of an infinite travel hydraulic motor for a robot arm Hanpeng Jiang Michael Yip
X-Array: Approximating Omni-Directional Millimeter-Wave Coverage Using an Array of Phased Arrays Song Wang Xinyu Zhang

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Student Organizations

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