Qualcomm Room, Jacobs Hall


Hash out. Analyze. Research. Design. All core steps of overcoming engineering challenges. The HARD Hack is a 24 hour hardware centered hackathon hosted by IEEE and HKN. Materials, tools and food will be provided! 

Do you think you and your team is HARD enough to beat out the rest? Then sign up here for our annual hardware hackathon "H.A.R.D. HACK". Don’t have any battle buddies? Don’t worry, sign up and we’ll help you find a team. We are also in big need of volunteers, so if you can be one of the awesome people to help us out, please sign-up below. We will feed you well and you'll have lots of fun with us! 

Sign-up links and more details can be found on the following links: 
Facebook Event Page 
H.A.R.D Hack Website 

If you have any questions, please leave a message on facebook event page or contact Cynthia Huang at

January 20th - 21st, EBU1 Lobby