April 11, 2019
Unearthing Mysteries of the Maya

UC San Diego computer science students are venturing into Maya tunnels in Guatemala, and at home in San Diego, to bring these ancient buried sites to virtual life. Part of the Engineers for Exploration (E4E) group, the students are guided by Computer Science and Engineering Professor Ryan Kastner and Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Curt Schurgers.  Full Story

April 11, 2019
Enjoy the Ride

When it comes to creating an aerodynamic, race-worthy car that successfully competes in a field of more than 100 teams from around the world, it takes not only a solid racing crew, but also a crew of dedicated scientists and engineers. Luckily, the Triton Racing Program at UC San Diego isn’t short on such crew members. Full Story

April 11, 2019
UC San Diego electrical engineer Massimo Franceschetti named a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow

Massimo Franceschetti, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California San Diego, has been awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship. His work focuses on the mathematical foundations of engineering systems, with applications to networks, control, computation, communication, and sensing. Full Story

April 5, 2019
UC San Diego engineer Andrew Kahng awarded Ho-Am Prize

University of California San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering Professor Andrew B. Kahng has been awarded the 2019 Ho-Am Prize for Engineering, the highest award for engineering in Korea. Full Story

March 21, 2019
Working to Change the Future of Prosthetics

Taylor Henderson, an electrical and computer engineering master’s student, is working to lower the barriers to entry for fabricating artificial muscle actuators. She’s developing an algorithm that uses supervised learning to model actuator configurations and return the necessary specifications.  Full Story

March 14, 2019
Anticancer vaccines, natural language for computers, and multifunctional materials take center stage at UC San Diego Research Expo

The University of California San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering was just ranked the #11 graduate engineering program in the country by US News. Hear from more than 200 of these talented graduate students as they present their research at the 38th annual Jacobs School Research Expo, a showcase of the top engineering and computer science work underway at UC San Diego. Full Story

March 8, 2019
International Research Collaboration: Cybersecurity Meets Artificial Intelligence

Researchers from different areas of expertise are collaborating and joining forces to provide all-embracing solutions for current global cybersecurity threats. Two renowned cybersecurity and machine learning research institutions have come together to form the new CYSMICS center, which is a joint effort between the Cybersecurity Research Centre (CYSEC) at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany, and the Center for Machine-Integrated Computing & Security (MICS) at the University of California San Diego. Full Story

March 8, 2019
Gojoya Announces Investment From Intel Capital

Gojoya, Inc, a startup company built on technology developed by Professor Joseph Ford’s group at the University of California San Diego, is developing next generation imaging systems with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) for multiple markets including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), robots, autonomous driving, and mobile phones. Gojoya announced that it has received an investment from Intel Capital. Full Story

March 4, 2019
Engineers developing education kit to teach students practical skills in integrated photonics

Engineers are developing an educational toolkit to bring integrated photonics into the college engineering and science curriculum. The kit is designed to teach students practical skills in integrated photonics and equip them to meet the growing demand for technicians and engineers in the industry. Full Story

March 1, 2019
Electrical Engineer Pamela Cosman Honored with Inaugural Dr. John and Felia Proakis Chancellor Faculty Fellowship

A new fellowship from UC San Diego’s Office of the Chancellor ensures research funds to support the studies of a scientist on campus. Pamela Cosman, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the fellowship’s inaugural recipient. Full Story