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Programs encompass interdisciplinary activities in optical science and engineering, optical materials and device technology, optical communications, computer engineering, and photonic systems.



Research areas:

  • Ultrafast and nonlinear optics
  • Quantum computing and communications
  • Nanophotonic materials/devices and nearfield phenomena
  • Optical imaging
  • Multi-dimensional optoeletronic I/O devices
  • Volume and computer generated holography
  • Optoelectronic and microelectromechanical devices and packaging
  • Injection lasers
  • Photodetectors

Application areas:

  • Optical interconnects in high-speed digital systems
  • Optical multidimensional signal and image processing
  • Ultrahigh-speed optical networks
  • 3D optical memories and memory interfaces
  • 3D imaging and displays
  • Nanophotonic and biophotonic systems

Faculty: Anthony Acampora • Sadik Esener • Shaya Fainman • Joseph Ford • Clark Guest • Sing Lee▪ Yuhwa Lo • Shayan Mookherjea • Farrokh Najmabadi • George Papen • Stojan Radic • Charles Tu • Paul Yu • Pankaj Das • William Chang