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Electronic Devices and Materials

Focus on the fundamental physics and device applications of advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices, MEMS, as well as on the science and engineering of new materials and device structures at the micro-, nano-, and atomic scales. The program also explores broader applications in revolutionizing electronics, optoelectronics, and medicines.



Research areas:

  • Compound semiconductor epitaxial growth and heterostructure devices
  • Advanced CMOS devices and circuits
  • Spin-related devices
  • Advanced optical MEMS and RF MEMS
  • Organic and inorganic semiconductor nano structures
  • Micro- and nano-fabrication
  • Advanced technologies for nanoscale imaging and metrology
  • Photovoltaics and renewable energy
  • Fusion energy materials and engineering
  • Printed and Flexible Electronics

Application areas:

  • Wireless communications and other high-frequency systems
  • High-speed optical communications and microwave photonics
  • Information storage and manipulation
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Biological and chemical sensing
  • Drug delivery and medicines...

Faculty: Peter Asbeck • Sadik Esener • Shaya Fainman • Eric Fullerton • S.S. Lau • Yuhwa Lo • Vitaliy Lomakin • Lawrence Larson • Shayan Mookherjea • Farrokh Najmabadi • Gabriel Rebeiz • Yuan Taur • Charles Tu • Deli Wang • Paul Yu • William Chang • Huey-Lin Luo • Harry Wieder • Tse Nga (Tina) Ng