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Computer Engineering

Program encompasses study of systems both from a hardware and software perspective. It promotes the knowledge and skills in the areas of hardware and software that the modern-day computer engineer requires in order to make optimum system tradeoffs in design. This approach also enables engineers to consider all paths towards the resolution of outstanding research issues. One focus is embedded system design, which has grown into far more than the study of pure microprocessors. Due to advances in technology and miniaturization, exciting new devices incorporate wireless communications and myriads of embedded sensors together with processing and storage capabilities. Areas of interest include:



  • Computer-aided design
  • Processing technologies
  • Sensor networking
  • Multimedia systems
  • Multiprocessing and parallel and distributed computing
  • Computer communications and networks

Faculty: Sujit Dey • Clark Guest • Andrew B. Kahng • Bill Lin • Kenneth Yun • C.K. Cheng • Rajesh Gupta