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Nanoscale Devices and Systems

Program ranges from fundamental science at the atomic to nanometer scale to the integration of nanoscale structures into systems for electronic, photonic, and biological applications. Areas of interest include:

  • Limits of extending CMOS technology to the nanoscale
  • Investigating nanowire and nanotube-based electronic systems
  • Magnetic and spin-related devices
  • Developing quantum dot-based biosensers
  • Engineering subwavelength photonic structures and inhomogeneous composite materials (e.g., dielectrics, semiconductors, metals)
  • Resonant phenomena for generation, manipulation, transmission, and detection of light
  • Printed and Flexible Electronics

Application areas:

  • Techniques for imaging structural electronic, and photonic properties at the nanometer scale
  • Photovoltaics and other concepts for renewable energy
  • Information storage, transfer, and manipulation
  • The development and manipulation of solid state/molecular interfaces for applications in biology and medicine

Faculty: Peter Asbeck • Sadik Esener • Shaya Fainman • Eric Fullerton • Michael Heller • S.S. Lau • Yuhwa Lo • Vitaliy Lomakin • Shayan Mookherjea • Yuan Taur • Charles Tu • Deli Wang • Jie Xiang • Paul Yu • Tse Nga (Tina) Ng