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AMANDA PROROK Apr 17, 2017 - 11:00am
Diversity and Resilience in Robot Networks
AMANDA PROROKRecent years have seen falling costs of communication and storage technologies and advances in fabrication methods.… Learn more
Photo Apr 14, 2017 - 3:00pm
Cover's Open Problem: "The Capacity of the Relay Channel’’
Ayfer Ozgur, Ph.D., Stanford UniversityFormulating the problem of determining the communication capacity of channels as a problem in high-dimensional geometry… Learn more
Yongmin Liu, Ph.D. Apr 12, 2017 - 11:00am
Tunable and Reconfigurable Plasmonics and Metamaterials for Beam Shaping
Yongmin Liu, Ph.D., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northern University, Boston, USAPlasmonics has become a very vibrant research area in nano optics. It allows us to concentrate, guide, and manipulate… Learn more
Ro Cammarota, Ph.D. Apr 10, 2017 - 2:00pm
Side-channel attacks for modern targets: from smart-cards to complex embedded systems
Ro Cammarota, Ph.D., Qualcomm ResearchAs mobile systems gain new capabilities, their security also needs to increase, to mitigate piracy, fraud and identity… Learn more
Christopher De Sa Apr 10, 2017 - 11:00am
Relaxing Bottlenecks for Fast Machine Learning
CHRISTOPHER DE SA As machine learning applications become larger and more widely used, there is an increasing need for efficient systems… Learn more
Dr. Yuanxun Ethan Wang Apr 5, 2017 - 11:00am
Time-Varying Electromagnetic Devices: Breaking the Fundamental Limits of Passives
Dr. Yuanxun Ethan Wang, Associate Professor - UCLAPassive electromagnetic devices such as transmission lines, filters and antennas are essential parts of a wireless… Learn more
Photo Apr 5, 2017 - 11:00am
On Wireless Systems Modelling and Machine Learning-Based Optimization
DR. MERYEM SIMSEK According to the evaluation methodologies of ITU, the basic evaluation characteristics and assessment methods for… Learn more
Dr. Qi Zhu Apr 3, 2017 - 11:00am
Design Automation for Tackling Key Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems: Timing, Security, and Heterogeneity
Dr. Qi ZhuCyber-physical systems such as autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, smart buildings and grid, industrial robots,… Learn more
Song Han Mar 27, 2017 - 11:00am
Efficient Methods and Hardware for Deep Learning
Song HanDeep learning has spawned a wide range of AI applications that are changing our lives. However, deep neural networks… Learn more
Dr. Arthur J. Lowrey Mar 24, 2017 - 4:00pm
Engineering Development of the Monash Vision Group Bionic Eye
Dr. Arthur J. Lowrey, Monash Vision Group , Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, AustraliaMonash Vision Group is developing a vision prosthesis based on implanting stimulating tiles into the visual cortex,… Learn more
d. raychaudhuri Mar 24, 2017 - 1:30pm
5G Network Architecture and the Future Mobile Internet
Dipankar Raychaudhuri This talk provides a discussion of one of the central design challenges associated with next-generation “5G” wireless… Learn more
Jie Xiong Mar 20, 2017 - 11:00am
Pushing the Limits of Indoor Localization in Today's Wi-fi Networks
Jie XiongWiFi is ubiquitous nowadays and is playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. … Learn more
ITA Seminar Mar 17, 2017 - 2:00pm
Fast Sequential Decoding Techniques for Polar Codes
Peter Trifonov, Distributed Computing and Networking Department,, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint Petersburg, RussiaPolar codes are a novel class of capacity-achieving error-correcting codes. List decoding techniques are needed in… Learn more
Kaiyuan Yang Mar 16, 2017 - 11:00am
Securing the Internet of Things: A Hardware Perspective
Kaiyuan YangThe Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to connect our physical world with billions of sensors and actuators,… Learn more
Xinyu Zhang Mar 13, 2017 - 11:00am
Designing the Internet of Things With Ambient Awareness
Xinyu ZhangThe forthcoming decade will witness an explosion of Internet-of-Things (IoT), which incorporates not only the current… Learn more