ECE 15/35 Waiver Exams

The waiver exams are designed for incoming students who have taken a C programming or circuits course at a community college and wish to receive transfer credit for UCSD ECE 15 or ECE 35.

  • Students who did not pass ECE 15 or ECE 35 at UCSD are not eligible to take the exam.
  • Students are allowed only one chance to take the exams.
  • The exams are offered only ONCE A YEAR before fall courses start, are OPTIONAL and there is NO FEE to take them.
  • Students from California community colleges or 2 year universities/colleges, cannot submit a petition to get course equivalency for C programming or Circuits courses they completed at the community college or 2 year university/college. ECE 15 and ECE 35 must be taken at UCSD or waived by passing the exam(s).
  • Students who completed a C programming or circuits course at an accredited 4-year university should submit a petition to get course equivalency to the ECE Undergraduate Student Affairs Office in Jacobs Hall 2701 or 2702. The Undergraduate Petition is available on Tritonlink here

ECE 15 Waiver Exam:

DATE: Friday, September 23, 2016

TIME: 2-4 pm

LOCATION: Jacobs Hall 2315

RSVP: Click here.


If students can't solve the following sample questions, they are discouraged from taking the ECE 15 Waiver Exam.

ECE 15 Sample Question 1

ECE 15 Sample Question 2

ECE 15 Sample Question 3

ECE 35 Waiver Exam:

The exam will be closed-book, with only pen or pencil and a calculator allowed. No scratch paper allowed. The format will be 120 minutes, 4 questions.

DATE: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TIME: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

LOCATION: Jacobs Hall 2315

RSVP: Click here.

If students can't solve the following examples, they are discouraged from taking the ECE 35 Waiver Exam.

Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 2

UCSD Catalog Course Descriptions

ECE 15. Engineering Computation (4)

Students learn the C programming language with an emphasis on high-performance numerical computation. The commonality across programming languages of control structures, data structures, and I/O is also covered. Techniques for using MATLAB to graph the results of C computations are developed. Prerequisites: a familiarity with basic mathematics such as trigonometry functions and graphing is expected but this course assumes no prior programming knowledge.

ECE 35. Introduction to Analog Design (4)

Fundamental circuit theory concepts, Kirchoff's voltage and current laws, Thevenin's and Norton's theorems, loop and node analysis, time-varying signals, transient first order circuits, steady-state sinusoidal response. (Course material and/or program fees may apply.) Prerequisites: Math. 20A–B and PHYS 2A; Math. 20C and Physics 2B must be taken concurrently.


  • must contact the ECE Undergraduate Advisors through the VAC(Virtual Advising Center) to enroll in courses that require ECE 15 or 35. Webreg will not recognize that students have passed a waiver exam. ECE 30 requires ECE 15. ECE 45 and 65 require ECE 35.

  • will not receive a grade or units. The community college transfer course will also not be approximated or given equivalency to ECE 35.

  • will have a note on their degree audits indicating that the courses were waived.