Special Studies Courses 197, 198, 199

What are Special Studies Courses?

Special Studies Courses 197, 198, and 199 are intended to enable students to learn about subjects not taught in regular courses and to engage in research in the laboratory, in the field, or in the library. Such a project should be carefully planned with faculty advisor along the lines of the student's overall academic plan. 

What are the requirements to be eligible?

Students must have completed at least 90 units with at least a 2.5 GPA.

What are the differences between 197, 198, and 199?

ECE 197 is for unpaid internships done off-campus. CPT students can take ECE 197 but cannot use the course to satisfy electives.

ECE 198 is independent study or research for a group of students.

ECE 199 is for research for an individual student.

What do I need to do?

  1. Contact faculty to discuss if they can sponsor you for the course.

  2. Fill out the form Special Studies 197, 198, 199 form with the faculty. Internships must be unpaid in order for a student to enroll in ECE 197. CPT students can take ECE 197 but cannot use the course to satisfy electives.

  3. Bring back completed form to the ECE Undergraduate Advising Office (Jacobs Hall 2701 or 2702).

  4. Once stamped, the ECE advisor will be able to open up a section for you to enroll in. (NOTE: If you are to add the course after week 2, you will need to bring it to the Registrar's office.)

What is the deadline to enroll in the Special Studies Courses?

The official university deadline to add classes (including Special Studies courses) is the end of the second week of the quarter.

What if I can't find a faculty to sponsor?

In order to enroll in the Special Studies Courses, you will need an ECE faculty to sponsor you.

Can these courses count towards my major requirements?

Yes, at most 4 units of 197-199 may be used for elective credit. 197 will ONLY count towards the Professional Electives. CE majors cannot use ECE Special Studies courses to satisfy elective requirements.

So I have an internship/research position, but can I do the internship/research position first and then take the class later or vice versa?

No. You must be enrolled in the special studies course during the time you are doing your internship/research. You cannot do it retroactively.

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