Graduate Course Enrollment Updates

***During the enrollment period, it is critical that you check your UCSD email for any updates. This may have an impact on your schedule.***

Spring 2019 Updates




ECE 244A



Statistical Optics. Cancelled


ECE 243B


Optical Fiber Communication.

  • ECE 243B is being offered at the same time, place, and instructor as ECE 244A was listed. Please note the ECE 243B course description is completely different than ECE 244A; they are not the same course and do not serve as substitutes for each other.
    • You can begin adding the course on WebReg. If you do not meet the pre-requisite, make sure you create a pre-authorization request on EASy first


ECE 282


Special Topics in Photonics/Applied Optics. Cancelled
Academic Year Updates




ECE 251C


Prerequisites: graduate standing.
ECE 257A

Modern Communication Systems.

This course focuses on modern local area networks (WiFi, Ethernet, etc.) and wide area networks (LTE, 5G, etc.). Topics to be covered include: end-to-end network architecture, physical layer packet processing, medium access control protocols, mobility management and mobile IP, TCP, over wireless, mobile applications (e.g., mobile WEB, real-time video streaming and telephony).


ECE 257B


Prerequisites: graduate standing.
ECE 267

Network/Graph Algorithms and Analysis

Modern theory of networks from the algorithmic perspective with emphasis on the foundations in terms of performance analysis and design. Topics include algorithmic questions arising in the context of scheduling, routing, and congestion control in communication networks, including wired, wireless, sensor, and social networks.


ECE 272A


Prerequisites: ECE 269, graduate standing.


ECE 273


Prerequisites: ECE 269, graduate standing.


ECE 275B


Prerequisites: graduate standing.


ECE 276C


Prerequisites: ECE 276B, graduate standing.

ECE 278


Mathematical Topics for the Master's Comprehensive Exam

Mathematical topics covered in the ECE master's comprehensive exam including calculus, vector calculus, partial differential equations, linear transformations, linear algebra and linear systems, and statistics and probability theory.

Prerequisites: graduate standing.

Wait List Policy

If a course that you want to enroll in is full, please place yourself on the waitlist. Please note that you cannot waitlist a course during your 1st Pass. Waitlisting is available during the 2nd Pass only. The buttons to ENROLL or WAITLIST will be blacked out. This is normal.

We understand that you need these courses to graduate so please be patient as we work on enlarging enrollment. The Department will do everything we can to accommodate students so please be patient. Waitlist yourself into the class and if seats become available, students will be enrolled in the order they waitlisted. We cannot guarantee that you will get into the course. If you need assistance with an alternate course, stop by during walk in advising hours in Jacobs Hall 2701 or 2702.

***During the enrollment period, it is critical that you check your UCSD email for any updates. This may have an impact on your schedule.***

****If enrollment limits are increased, it takes the system overnight to process this command. Students will be added in the order they are on the waitlist. Please have patience.****


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