Concurrent Students


The Concurrent Enrollment Program offered through UCSD Extension allows non-degree-seeking students to enroll in UCSD ECE courses (when space is available). You must register with UC San Diego Extension to participate in Concurrent Enrollment. Interested students should review ECE's Concurrent Enrollment Policy.

***If you are an academically disqualified student taking concurrent courses, please follow the special process through your College and use the form attached to your academic notice. You do not need to fill out the Concurrent Enrollment Form. Students are not required to go through Concurrent Enrollment for readmission.***


STEP 1: Filling out an E-Add card through UCSD Extension is your first step to getting approved for the class you selected but does not give you access to Canvas and the online materials you will need for your course

FALL 2022 E-Add Card

STEP 2: Complete the ECE Concurrent Enrollment Form 

  • Students may choose up to 3 ECE courses they are interested in taking and include courses/experience they may have if they do not have the prerequisites.
  • The form will be available on the ECE Website from 9 AM Tuesday of Week 1 to Thursday of Week 2 (see Timeline below). Submitting an E-Add card without submitting a department Concurrent Enrollment form will result in to request getting denied.
  • A faculty signature is no longer required to enroll in ECE courses. 

FALL 2022 ECE Concurrent Enrollment Form




  1. Students will only be able to enroll with space permitting.
    • Departments stop making enrollment decisions on Thursday of Week 3, and students are not responsible for getting the department's approval. 
    • For Spring 2020, concurrent enrollment forms will be approved digitally.
      • Follow the Concurrent Enrollment process provided by Extension.
  2. After the deadline, students will not be able to enroll in courses. No exceptions.


  • Students do not need to obtain faculty signatures.
  • Students will only be cleared to enroll if there are seats available.