ECE Alumni Advisory Board

The ECE Alumni Advisory Board consists of a set of diverse ECE alumni who work collaboratively with the ECE Department, alumni, and current students to directly impact the ECE community.

Our Values:

  1. Student success
  2. Vibrant alumni community of services to others
  3. Inclusion and diversity
  4. Lifelong learning

The Mission of the ECE Alumni Advisory Board is to:

  1. Support student and department mission and goals
  2. Champion the achievements of students and of our department 
  3. Foster a vibrant alumni community

Our Plan:

To execute our mission we have organized a set of thoughtful goals:

  1. Set up two core events that aligns and links the ECE faculty, alumni, and students: 
    1. Host at least one ECE Alumni Reunion during a Fall Quarter/Winter Quarter student-led hackathon.
    2. Establish the ECE Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony to honor accomplished alumni within their respective sub-fields from applied mathematics, applied physics, and systems engineering. 
  2. Expand membership to the ECE Alumni Advisory Board to have representation within San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the Bay Area.
  3. Develop a sustainable and meaningful mentorship program (ECE AMP), that aims to connect students to our alumni for academia, professional development, and social purposes.

How We Work:

The ECE Alumni Advisory Board virtually meets once a month for 1.5 hours to listen to department updates, provide feedback on student-led initiatives, and discuss the programs and events the advisory board is currently working on which reflect our values and the mission we uphold ourselves to. 

Our fantastic faculty advisor is Professor Truong Nguyen. Our President is Hamna Khan and our Vice President is True Xiong. We currently have seven members and are currently looking to expand our membership.

Connect with us:

Want to learn more or ask questions? Contact Hamna Khan.