Who We Are

The ECE Makerspace is a prototyping lab replete with 3D printers, a laser cutter, and soldering stations, among other components necessary for building things. We provide JSoE students a home base to acquire and hone hands-on prototyping skills by enrolling in one of the many hands-on engineering classes offered, or by joining one of the ECE Student Orgs project teams. Our staff also consists of experienced ECE students that provide guidance and training to others.

Visit us to learn diverse skills such as: soldering, PCB design, Inkscape, SolidWorks, LabVIEW, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other hands-on skills.


Take a look around!

Access and Training

Access for anyone in a ECE Makerspace class is given for the quarter. We are allowing outside usage prioritizing ECE students and orgs. For any requests or questions please email us. Anyone that has done it outside of Fall 2022 will need to redo it. Training link here!


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