ECE Alumni earns NDIA Bronze Medal

Dr. Daniel D. Sternlicht

PANAMA CITY, Fla.  –  

Dr. Daniel Sternlicht, the distinguished scientist for littoral sensing technologies at Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD), was recently selected as one of three recipients of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Bronze Medal.

 The NDIA Bronze Medal recognizes key individuals in the principal Navy and University laboratories engaged in Undersea Warfare (USW) related achievements in either science or engineering. Sternlicht’s pioneering work and publications, advanced techniques, and leadership has led to international recognition as an authority in maritime reconnaissance and surveillance technologies.

Dr. Peter Adair, NSWC PCD technical director, said Sternlicht’s wealth of knowledge and experience sets the bar high for others in the defense establishment.

“Dr. Sternlicht’s commitment and dedication to the evolution of littoral sensing research and effective collaboration across the USW enterprise is just one of the many reasons he is an ideal candidate to represent the Navy and NSWC PCD on the national stage and to be selected for this prestigious award,” said Adair.”

Sternlicht said he is grateful to receive the award and states it is also a recognition for the field and those involved.

“I’m very grateful to receive this award at the Undersea Warfare Conference – a venue that I have known for several decades, and which feels very close to home,” said Sternlicht. “These awards are really a recognition of the impact our lab has on the Fleet – I’m merely a stand-in for the scientists, engineers, and command support who do much of the creative work, as well as the local leadership that keeps us true to course.”

In addition to awarding recipients, the NDIA Bronze Medal award inspires accomplishments by other workers in the field and increases public awareness of the field and its importance to defense preparedness.

All recipients were formally recognized at the 2021 Joint Undersea Warfare Fall Conference.