Assistant Professor Siavash Mirarab Receives NSF CAREER Award

Siavesh Mirarab

Jennifer Hollis, Qualcomm Institute Writer


UC San Diego Electrical Computing and Engineering assistant professor, Siavash Mirarab, was recently awarded a 2019 National Science Foundation CAREER Award, which will provide five years of funding to support his research in robust and scalable genome-wide phylogenetics.  


The National Science Foundation CAREER award not only supports junior faculty with a federal grant for five consecutive years, it also fosters innovative developments in science and technology, giving recognition to the scientific missions of the awardees. This prestigious award is given to those at the forefront of science and technology and who demonstrate scientific leadership in their community.


Mirarab obtained his Ph.D. from the Computer Science department at the University of Texas at Austin before coming to UC San Diego in 2015. His main area of research is computational biology and he has affiliations with the Computer Science and Engineering department, Bioinformatics and the Center for Microbiome Innovation.