Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design

Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design
Miroslav Krstic
Ioannis Kanellakopoulos
Petar Kokotovic


October, 1995




This innovative book breaks new ground in nonlinear and adaptive control design for systems with uncertainties. Introducing the recursive backstepping methodology, it shows -- for the first time -- how uncertain systems with severe nonlinearities can be successfully controlled with this new powerful design tool.

Communicative and accessible at a level not usually present in research texts, "Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design" can be used as either a stand-alone or a supplemental text in courses on nonlinear or adaptive control, as well as in control research and applications. It eases the reader into the subject matter, assuming only standard undergraduate knowledge of control theory, and provides a pedagogical presentation of the material, most of which is completely new and not available in other textbooks.

Written by the creators of backstepping, the book:

  • Introduces the basic design tools and demonstrates their effectiveness through worked examples
  • Provides detailed proofs and application examples (active suspension, jet engine, induction motor, ...)
  • Develops adaptive backstepping, tuning functions, and modular designs with full state feedback
  • Generalizes the methodology to systems with output feedback
  • Describes the advantages of the new adaptive nonlinear techniques over traditional methods
  • Offers a systematic methodology for performance improvement
  • Provides new designs for linear systems which can be used independently from the rest of the book
  • Is self-contained with an extensive summary of stability and passivity prerequisites
  • Includes sixty illustrations and tables with design algorithms