Stabilization of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems

Stabilization of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems
Miroslav Krstic
Hua Deng


January, 1998




The efforts in nonlinear control over the last few years have led to the level of generality in which conceptual solutions to global Lyapunov stabilization and optimal control problems exist for all finite-dimensional continuous-time systems affine in control and the disturbance. At the same time, constructive algorithms exist for a specific subclass which is broad both in terms of physical relevance and in terms of challenges it imposes for control design. This monograph gives a unified and concise (193 pp) view of the fundamentals of deterministic disturbance attenuation, stochastic control, and adaptive control for nonlinear systems. It is tuned to the interests of researchers in the areas of robust and adaptive nonlinear control, nonlinear H-infinity, stochastic nonlinear control (including risk- sensitive), and dynamical systems theory.


CONTENTS: Stability and Regulation without Uncertainties - Disturbance Attenuation - Stochastic Stability and Regulation - Stochastic Disturbance Attenuation - Deterministic Adaptive Tracking - Stochastic Adaptive Regulation - Invariant Manifolds and Asymptotic Properties - Extremum Seeking