Jacobs Hall Lobby

Sponsored By: Prof. Michael Yip

Come show support and have fun with the students of ECE115 in an open house where they show off the culminations of their hard work for the entire quarter: a fleet of personalized, interactive pinball machines.

All pinball machines will be available for play throughout the event, and light refreshments will be available. At least 10 systems will be available to play.

Course Abstract: This design-focused course pairs students into groups of two, and teaches them how to prototype a mechatronic solution as quickly as possible. Students gain hands-on skills and experience with design, fabrication, integration, and characterization of practical electronic and mechanical hardware systems. Students learn to materialize their ideas in the shortest possible time and make design decisions that will result in a cost-effective, robust, and well-designed mechatronic system.

Instructor: Prof. Michael Yip (ECE),

TAs: Dmitrii Votintcev (ECE), Nikhil Das (ECE)

Contact for Event

Julie Moritz
Phone: 858-822-6939