Women in WeCe

Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WeCe) 

Founded by Saharnaz Baghdadchi and Duygu Kuzum  in 2016, our Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WeCe) group is a dynamic and supportive community within our department. WeCe is committed to empowering women pursuing careers in electrical and computer engineering, fostering their professional and personal growth, and promoting gender diversity in the field.

WeCe organizes a range of activities and initiatives throughout the year. These include networking events, mentorship programs, workshops, and seminars led by accomplished women engineers and researchers. Our members actively participate in outreach programs to inspire and mentor young girls interested in STEM fields, helping to bridge the gender gap in engineering. 

Our aim is to create an inclusive and equitable environment where women in electrical and computer engineering can thrive, connect, and lead. Join us in WeCe and be a part of a community that is driving positive change and shaping the future of engineering.