Research and Travel Grants

ECE Department

Your ECE research advisor may have funds available for student travel. The funds are intended to offset travel charges, not pay for total travel. Please refer to the following departmental fiscal resources for further information:


Intercampus Exchange Program

This program provides travel funds for UCSD Academic Senate members and registered graduate students in support of research projects and collaborations only to other campuses and facilities of the University of California. The funds do not support attendance at conferences, business meetings, talks, or presentations of seminars. For more information, please visit the UCSD Academic Senate’s Intercampus Exchange Program website.


GSA Travel Grants

The UCSD Graduate Student Association’s Travel Grant Program provides funds of up to $300 or $500 to help students travel to conferences to present their own professional work. Applicants must be presenting a paper or giving a talk on their own original research. More information may be found on the GSA Travel Grant website.