Reduced Course Load Form (RCL)

What is a Reduced Course Load Form (RCL)?

All F-1 and J-1 students are required to be enrolled full-time (12 units or more) while at UCSD during the academic year (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters). A Reduced Course Load Form (RCL) is a type of student status that allows you to enroll below 12 units. 

You may be eligible to enroll below 12 units due to academic, medical,  final quarter or final quarter for filing fee reasons, but you must request and receive approval for Reduced Course Load (RCL) authorization from ISPO before dropping a class.

See ISPO's website for more information about RCL and how to apply via iPortal.

How long does it take for my RCL iPortal Request to be processed? 

Once an RCL iPortal request is submitted, it will get routed to the ECE Department for review. It takes 3-5 business days for the department to process your iPortal request. After it is approved, it will be routed to ISPO for further review and your new I-20 will be issued. 

What are the required steps if this is my final quarter and I would like to do a RCL / enroll in 1-6 units?
  • International students are eligible to apply for a final quarter RCL and enroll in less than 12 units for their final quarter.
  • The RCL can correspond to the half-time study (graduate students) application depending on when the student is applying and number of units enrolled. 
  • Graduate students are eligible for half-time status if they enroll in 1-6 units and are applying before the end of Week 2.
  • Students who would like to pursue this option need to submit two forms: Final Quarter RCL and Half-Time Form
  • Once you apply for half-time study, your reduction in tuition will be reflected in TritonLink. 
  • If your bill was paid for full-time tuition, and then you applied for half-time study, you will receive a reimbursement which can be reflected on TritonLink. 
Do I need to apply for a RCL if I am dropping a class with a 'W'?
  • Yes, you will need to apply for an RCL any time you drop below 12 units.
  • An EASy request to drop a class with a 'W' prior to the UCSD drop deadline will also need to be submitted.