Conference Overview

The UCSD Undergraduate Research Hub organizes the annual Summer Research Conference.


Undergraduate SRIP interns are required to participate in the conference. After the conference, send your presentation slides to (slides should include the names of everyone in your group and the title of your research project).

Student Presenters

How To Present

The Undergraduate Research Hub held a seminar on "How to Present" at research conferences. Click here to access the slides during the seminar for tips on how to organize your presentation and other general presentation tips.

Writing the Abstract

  • Your abstract must be no longer than 1500 characters (approximately 250 words).
    • Please type carefully as abstracts may appear in an online program; if abstracts are included in the online program, they will appear exactly as entered on this registration form. The information in the abstract may also be used to determine your panel assignment.
  • Your abstract must be reviewed by your mentor!
  • Please be sure that your abstract does not contain any proprietary/confidential information or information that, for any reason, should not be shared publicly.

    • Sometimes research methodology, procedures, or findings should not be disclosed in a conference setting. Reasons for this may include plans to publish the work and a desire to protect some of the details until it is published, or the anticipation of applying for a patent for the work. Essentially, your abstract should not include any information that should not be disclosed to the public. Please be sure to check with the person overseeing the research (specifically, the faculty mentor or the Principal Investigator) about this issue prior to submitting your final abstract.

*We encourage all registrants to start drafting abstracts now so that they are ready when registration opens.

Need help writing your abstract? Check out the resources below: