B.S./M.S. Admissions Information & Process


Application Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Must be a UCSD ECE undergraduate student. If you are not an ECE undergraduate student,  please apply through our general M.S. admissions

3.0 minimum major and overall GPA (3.4 major and overall GPA to be considered competitive)

4-5 quarters from graduation at the time the internal application is submitted. Depending on which quarter you will be graduating from your B.S. program:

  • Fall applications encompass students who will begin their M.S. in a winter or spring quarter (the following year).
  • Spring applications encompass students who will begin their M.S. in the Fall 4 quarters from the spring application.
  • Generally, students should be applying in their junior year (NOT junior standing, but the 3rd year of their 4-year B.S. program. For transfer students, this may be their 1st year at UCSD).

This program is highly competitive. Meeting or exceeding the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee admittance to the program.

Important: Admitted B.S./M.S. students are expected to begin their M.S. program in the academic term immediately following the completion of their undergraduate degree. Under no circumstances can students take a "gap quarter" in between the end of the B.S. program and the start M.S. program. If you would like to take a gap quarter in between both programs, please apply through the general M.S. admissions cycle.

***Exceptions will not be considered.***

Application Timeline

Step 1:  ECE Internal Application


Estimated Quarter of Graduate (M.S.) Program Start

Undergraduate Degree Completion

When you should apply

Application Period

Application Deadline

Applicant Notified

Winter 2025

Fall 2024

Spring 2024

Weeks 3-7 of Spring 2024

11:59 PM Friday Week 7 of Spring 2024

End of August 2024

Spring 2025

Winter 2025

Spring 2024

Weeks 3-7 of Spring 2024

11:59 PM Friday Week 7 of Spring 2024

End of August 2024

Fall 2025 Spring 2025 Spring 2024 Weeks 3-7 of Spring 2024 11:59 PM Friday Week 7 of Spring 2024 End of August 2024
Step 2 (Once Accepted Internally):  Graduate Admissions Application


Estimated Quarter of Graduate (M.S.) Program Start

Undergraduate Degree Completion

Students Notified about Completing Step Two of Application

Application Period

Spring 2024 Winter 2024 Winter 2024 January 2024
Fall 2024 Spring 2024 Spring 2024 May 2024
Winter 2025 Fall 2024 Fall 2024 October 2024
Spring 2025 Winter 2025 Winter 2025 January 2025
Fall 2025 Spring 2025 Spring 2025 May 2025

Application Checklist

Step 1:  ECE Internal Application
  1. ECE Internal Application Form 

    • The application is for UCSD ECE undergraduate students applying to start their M.S. program in Winter 2025/Spring 2025/Fall 2025.  

      • If you have been admitted for Fall 2024 admission, you do not need to reapply. 

    • Application period: Week 3~7 of Spring 2024.

    • Students should complete the online application for the ECE M.S. Research Area / Major that most closely resembles their undergraduate curriculum, interests, and experience. Refer to the Degree Planners to understand the M.S. coursework requirements for each major. 

  2. Statement of Purpose:

    • An applicant's statement of purpose is very important and helps provide a student's "voice" in the application process. Please be as concise and specific as possible in preparing your statement. Provide information that will aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your potential as a Master's student, particularly in relation to your goals, experience, and professional growth. Applicants are recommended to include information about internship/work or research/project experience. For guidelines on how to write a statement of purpose, please visit the UCSD Career Services Center.

    • Two pages maximum, double-spaced.

    • Please upload your Statement of Purpose to the online application.

    • Keep a copy.  If you are accepted to the program, you will need to submit it again on the Graduate Admissions (Step 2) application.

  3.  Letters of Recommendation: 

    • Required for applicants with a major AND overall GPA below 3.4.

    • Letters of recommendation are not required for applicants with a major OR overall GPA above 3.4.

    • Applicants who are required to submit letters of recommendation will need to submit two letters.

      • 1 of 2 letters must be from a Jacobs School of Engineering (JSOE) faculty member.

      • The second letter should be from a professor, faculty advisor, or employer in a related field.

    • Reference may email the letters directly to ecebsmsadmissions@ucsd.edu, or students may attach them to the online application.

  4. Copy of Academic History and/or Degree Audit: Upload to your online application.

  5. Complete the entire application (Google Form) and make sure to submit all uploads.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59 pm Friday of Week 7 (Friday, May 17)

***Requests for deadline extension will NOT be considered.*** 

Step 2 (Once Accepted Internally): Graduate Admissions Application

**This step is ONLY applicable to accepted students. **

  1. UCSD Graduate Admissions Application
    • B.S./M.S. students are to submit the UCSD Graduate Admissions application at a specific time in the final quarter of their senior year. (B.S./M.S. students should NOT complete the online admissions application for the regular ECE M.S. Program, due in December each year.)
      • You will be notified by the ECE Department when you should complete your online application. Please check the application timeline above. 
      • Select the appropriate ECE M.S. Research Area / Major (select the major you applied for on the ECE Internal Application). 
  2. Non-refundable application fee.
  3. Submit by the application deadline.
  4. Submit official UCSD Transcripts to the UCSD Graduate Admissions.
    • Once admitted, Graduate Admissions will list additional steps required of you to finalize your admission. This will include the submission of official transcripts (this includes UCSD) and any required documents. Please check your applicant's portal for details. 
    • If the official transcripts are not submitted by the deadline that the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) sets, a hold will be placed on the student account until they are submitted.

Please let us know ASAP if you no longer intend to pursue the ECE M.S. degree. If you do not submit your online application by the deadline, we will assume you are no longer pursuing the M.S. degree.

IMPORTANT: If you are graduating from your B.S. program and will begin your M.S. program the following quarter, please wait until your graduate record is created before enrolling or waitlisting for any classes on WebReg otherwise your undergraduate degree will not be conferred by the Registrar's Office.

If your graduate record has been successfully created, it will appear on your Academic History:

Please visit ECE's Course Enrollment Policy & Procedures page for more information about enrolling in graduate-level courses. 


Please visit our FAQ page, where you will find answers to most of your questions.

Email: ecebsmsadmissions@ucsd.edu