ECE Spring/Summer Research Internship Program



The ECE Department is very pleased to announce the Spring/Summer Research Internship Program 2022 (SRIP). The ECE Summer Research Internship Program is an internship opportunity for all continuing ECE undergraduate and M.S. students to gain internship experience in the field. SRIP students have the opportunity to observe and participate in the activities of a research group under the supervision of the PI or a member of their lab group. The program includes an enrichment component for students consisting of workshops on research communication, research writing, and other pertinent topics.

Students selected by ECE faculty members will have the opportunity to observe and participate 10hr/week in Spring 2022 and 40hr/week in Summer 2022 in the activities of a research group under the supervision of the PI or a member of his/her lab group. Internships will be awarded based on a candidate’s overall academic achievement and research interests. Research interns will be able to enroll in 2-4 units of ECE 199/299 in Spring 2022 and will receive a summer stipend in the amount of $5,000, paid in two installments. 


**Students graduating WI22 or SP22 are not eligible to apply to the program**


The timeline for the program is as follows:

· October 15, 2021:  Program announcement. Projects solicited from faculty.

· November 12, 2021:  Project proposals DUE from faculty

· November 19, 2021: Projects posted on the website. Intern application opens.

· December 10, 2021: Intern application DUE at 11:59 PM

· December 14, 2021: Intern application/information sent to faculty

· Mid-December to Early January 2022:  Faculty interviews applicants.

· January 26, 2022:  Deadline for faculty select students

· Early February 2022:  All applicants are notified of their application status by the faculty members.

· Spring 2022:  Students work 10hr/week in the faculty lab and enroll in 4 units of ECE 199/299 research credit courses and start working on projects.

· Summer 2022:  Students work full time in the faculty lab.


Program Dates: June 27th ( Start of SU1) - September 2nd (End of SU2)

Stipend Disbursement Date: 

  • 1st installment will be awarded beginning of August
  • 2nd installment will be awarded beginning of September

Orientation Date: June 23, 2022

  • Access Orientation slides here.


The Summer Research Conference is organized by the Undergraduate Research Hub. Undergraduate interns are required to participate. See ECE-SRIP @ SRC for more details about the program and other resources.


The Spring/Summer 2022 SRIP application is now CLOSED.

Please see SRIP Projects for the list of current and previous SRIP projects and faculty mentors.



 If you have any questions, please see SRIP FAQ's or contact SRIP Coordinator, Jade Moneda, at