Requests to deviate from a major requirement using a course that is not automatically allowed or required or requests for ECE course equivalencies for courses taken at other 4 year universities or study abroad must be approved by a petition process. Students who complete a Circuits or C programming course at a community college or 2 year  institution must take the ECE 15 or 35 Waiver exam to get credit.

Course equivalency petitions for courses taken at community college or 2 year institution will not be reviewed.


All parts of the petition form must be completed. Incomplete petitions will delay the process.


❶ Log into the Online Petition Tool.

❷ Click “[Add new petition]”

❸ Select the ECE department and the type of petition.

Pre-Approval: used to receive credit from courses NOT YET completed.

Course Substitutions: used to receive credit from courses ALREADY completed or for major exceptions.

❹Complete the Petition Request:

❍ Choose the course you wish to receive credit for.

NOTE: Be sure to scroll all the way down if you do not see your course. Select “Other” and fill in the course information.

❍ Complete the Petition Reason section by copying and pasting the appropriate template from the table below. Fill out each underlined or blank section.

❺ Upload PDF files ONLY of supporting documents including the course syllabus, websites, descriptions, or any other documents you wish to have reviewed. Students requesting pre-approval course equivalencies must provide a syllabus from the current academic year. Students requesting course equivalencies for courses already completed must provide a syllabus from the term they were enrolled in the course or the academic year they were enrolled in the course. For example, if you took the course in WI19, a syllabus from FA18, WI19 or SP19 must be submitted.

❻ Submit the petition.


For deviation from Major Requirements:

For Course Equivalencies:


Substitute ECE ### with ECE ### in the ___________ Depth.


Take ENGR ###  at ______ to satisfy a Technical Elective.


ENGR ###  from the University of ________________, (country if EAP/OAP) to be equivalent to ECE ###.


Indicate your reason(s),  be honest & concise.

***Stating that an ECE Undergraduate Advisor instructed you to submit a petition is not a valid reason.


Received a grade of _____, units=______ .

***Stating that an ECE Undergraduate Advisor instructed you to submit a petition is not a valid reason.



  • Generally, petition review can take up to 1-4 weeks and course equivalency petitions may take 2-4 weeks. Results will be sent to the student through the VAC.
  • There is no guarantee petitions will be approved.
  • The department accepts only one EE core course (lower division ECE or Breadth) taken through EAP/OAP (study abroad).
  • Petitions requesting to get 2 ECE courses for 1 transfer course will not be accepted unless student can provide compelling information or documentation.

Have a question about petitions that is not addressed above? Please contact the Staff Undergraduate Advisors through the Virtual Advising Center.