CSE Course Enrollment

CSE Courses

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) courses are managed by the CSE Student Affairs department. Each department has their own policies and procedures so please reference their website.


How to enroll in CSE Courses?
  • CSE clears students for the classes that explicitly overlap with ECE's program requirements for Computer Engineering (CSE 202, 221, 222B, 237A, 240A, 243A, 245).
  • During Week 8 of every quarter, an ECE Advisor will notify the EC79 students that they are able to submit EASy requests to enroll in the above courses, if offered.
  • Tierra Terrell in CSE will issue clearances for priority enrollment for all EC79 students through this system. Please note that submitting an EASy request does not guarantee enrollment in the course.
  • CSE students will receive first priority for CSE course enrollment. Secondly, EC79 students will receive priority, and then other non-CSE graduate students.
  • For incoming EC79 students, you may begin submitting EASy requests now for Fall 2020. Tierra will issue clearances based on CSE policies. 
  • Students will need to add themselves to the WebReg waitlist for all other graduate-level courses and will need to request authorization to enroll in undergraduate courses through EASy.
  • Please be sure to enroll before your enrollment window ends. If your clearance expires, there is no way of reclaiming your seat.