ECE 299/298/501 Enrollment

ECE 299
  • ECE 299 is a course where you conduct research within a lab, under the supervision of an ECE professor. 
  • ECE 299 can be taken for 1-16 units and can only be taken for an S/U grade.
  • In order to enroll in ECE 299 you will need to obtain faculty approval and get cleared to enroll via EASy. 
  • ECE 299 is can be used towards the MS degree. 
    • Plan 1 students need 12 units of 299 research in order to pursue the thesis.
    • Plan 2 comprehensive exam students can use up to 4 units of 299 towards their technical electives. 
  • Students can conduct research within the JSOE and use it towards the technical electives section of the degree planner. 
ECE 298
  • ECE 298 is a designated course for students that are pursuing a CPT during the academic year (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters). 
  • Once a CPT iPortal request is submitted, you will be contacted to get cleared to enroll in ECE 298.
  • You will need to enroll in ECE 298 before the CPT iPortal request is approved by the ECE Department.
  • ECE 298 can be taken for 1-16 units, depending on how many units you need to maintain full time standing for I-20 compliance. 
  • ECE 298 cannot be used towards your degree and can only be taken for an S/U grade.
  • You will be given specific instructions, via email, on how to obtain an S at the time of enrollment. 
ECE 501
  • ECE 501 is a designated course for Teaching Assistants (TA) the quarter they are serving.
  • ECE 501 serves as teaching credit for TA's working 10-20 hours per week.
  • If you are looking to enroll in ECE 501 under your instructor's name, please submit an EASy request.
  • Enrolling in ECE 501 and the number of units (1-4) you register for must be approved by the instructor of that course.
  • Making an EASy request does not guarantee enrollment in the course.