Department and University Fellowships

All ECE PhD applicants are considered for Departmental and University Fellowships at the time admissions applications are reviewed. PhD fellowships typically include a stipend plus the cost of registration fees and nonresident tuition (where applicable). Awards are highly competitive.

UCSD supports incoming students who contribute to campus diversity via the San Diego and Cota Robles Fellowship Program, the Tribal Membership Initiative, and the Competitive Edge Program. More information about these initiatives may be found on the Graduate Division’s Fellowships and Opportunities for Entering Graduate Students website. Applicants may indicate their wish to be considered for University fellowships by completing a series of questions within the online graduate admissions application.


External Fellowships

The ECE Department highly encourages graduate students to investigate and apply to outside fellowship opportunities. UCSD’s Graduate Division provides a helpful website detailing external fellowships available to both domestic and international students. Included is the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program