Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

A Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) performs research related to the student’s degree program in an academic department or research unit under the direction of a faculty member or authorized Principal Investigator. GSR positions are awarded by the professor who is the holder of the research grant. ECE students are encouraged to read about our faculty’s research and contact faculty directly to inquire about GSR opportunities.

Most GSR positions are for work to be conducted 25 percent time (10 hours per week) to 49.99 percent time (20 hours per week). Appointments typically cover fees and tuition (if applicable), and include a salary. Positions are available throughout the academic year and summer months, depending on the terms of the grant.

NOTE: If domestic students do not establish residency by the end of their first year of study, Nonresident Supplemental tuition will not be covered under any circumstances. This means that even if a domestic student holds a Graduate Student Researcher position after their first year of study, the student will be responsible for paying the non-resident tuition supplement.