ECE Transfer Equivalencies

Students must petition with the ECE Department prior to taking a course in another university. 





ECE Equivalent

Quarter/Semester Taken

Cal Poly Pomona ECE 2300 & 2300L Intro to Digital Logic Design & Digital Logic Design Lab ECE 25 SP20
SJSU CISC 110 Electronics for Computing Systems ECE 65 SP20
SJSU EE 98 & 97 Introduction to Circuit Analysis & Introductory EE Laboratory ECE 35 FA19
UCDavis ELEC 7 & ENGR 6 Programming and Microcontroller & Engineering Problem Solving ECE 15 SP20 and FA20
UCDavis ELEC 10 & ELEC 18 Intro to Digital and Analog Circuits & Digital Systems I ECE 25 WI21 and SP21
UCDavis ENGR 17 Circuits I ECE 35 FA20


EECS 31 & 31L

Intro to Digital Systems & Intro to Digital Logic Laboratory

ECE 25


UCR EE 120A Logic Design ECE 25 WI21
UCR EE 01A, 01LA, and 1B Engineering Circuit Analysis I & Lab and Engineering Circuit Analysis II ECE 35 and 45 FA20 and WI21
UCR EE 100A Electronic Circuits ECE 102 SP21
UCR CS/EE 120B Embedded Systems Elective SP21
UCSC ECE 101 & 101L Intro Electronic Circuits & Intro to Electronic Circuits Laboratory ECE 35 WI20
UCSC STAT 131 Introduction to Probability Theory ECE 109 SU20