ECE Transfer Equivalencies

Students should submit a petition to the ECE Department prior to taking a course in another university. 





ECE Equivalent

Quarter/Semester Taken

Arizona State Univ EEE 120 Digital Design Fundamentals ECE 25 SP22
Arizona State Univ EEE 202 Circuits I ECE 35 SP22
Cal Poly Pomona ECE 2300 & 2300L Intro to Digital Logic Design & Digital Logic Design Lab ECE 25 SP20
CSUS EEE 108 & EEE 108L Electronics I & Electronics I Laboratory ECE 65 FA22
SJSU CMPE 110 Electronics for Computing Systems ECE 65 SP20
SJSU EE 98 & 97 Introduction to Circuit Analysis & Introductory EE Laboratory ECE 35 FA19
UCDavis ELEC 7 & ENGR 6 Programming and Microcontroller & Engineering Problem Solving ECE 15 SP20 and FA20
UCDavis ELEC 10 & ELEC 18 Intro to Digital and Analog Circuits & Digital Systems I ECE 25 WI21 and SP21
UCDavis ENGR 17 Circuits I ECE 35 FA20


EECS 31 & 31L

Intro to Digital Systems & Intro to Digital Logic Laboratory

ECE 25


UCLA ENGR 102 Systems and Signals ECE 45 SU23
UCR EE 120A Logic Design ECE 25 WI21
UCR EE 30A, 30LA & 30B Fundamentals of Electric Circuits I and Lab, & Fundamentals of Electric Circuits II ECE 35 SU22
UCR EE 100A Electronic Circuits ECE 102 SP21
UCR CS/EE 120B Embedded Systems Elective SP21
UCSC ECE 13 Computer Systems and C Programming ECE 15 SU22
UCSC ECE 101 & 101L Intro Electronic Circuits & Intro to Electronic Circuits Laboratory ECE 35 WI20
UCSC STAT 131 Introduction to Probability Theory ECE 109 SU20
Univ. of New Mexico ECE 131L Programming Fundamentals ECE 15 FA19
Univ. of New Mexico ECE 238L Computer Logic Design ECE 25 SP20