The ECE Undergraduate Honors Program is designed for a limited number of students who have demonstrated excellence in the major. The Honors Program recognizes and promotes academic excellence in the major by allowing qualified students to work on a project in close collaboration with the department faculty.   

Application for ECE Honors Program is required and DUE the second week of Fall quarter of their senior year.

  • Download APPLICATION 
  • Submit the completed application to ece-ugadvising@ucsd.edu. Include your PID in the body of the email
  • Contact the ECE UG Advisors through the VAC to inform them that you have submitted the application.

Procedure for Application to the Honors Program

Students interested in the Honors Program must submit their application between the end of winter quarter their junior year and the second week of Fall quarter of their senior year. The application must include a proposal for the honors project sponsored by an ECE faculty member. Admission to the honors program will be formally approved by the ECE honors committee based on GPA and the proposal. 

Eligibility for Admission to the Honors Program

  1. GPA Requirement: 3.5 in the major and 3.25 overall
              • The major GPA will include ALL lower division courses required for the major and all upper division courses
                 required for the major that are completed at the time of application (a minimum of twenty-four units of upper
                 division course work)
  2. Students must submit a project proposal (sponsored by an ECE faculty member) to the honors program committee at the time of application.

Requirements for Award of Honors

  1. Completion of all ECE requirements with a minimum major GPA of 3.5
              • GPA based on grades through winter quarter of senior year.
  2. Formal participation (i.e., registration and attendance) in the ECE 290 graduate seminar program in their senior year.
  3. Completion of an eight-unit approved honors project (ECE 193H: Honors Project) and submission of a written report by the first day of spring quarter of the senior year. This project must contain enough design to satisfy the ECE BS four-unit design requirement.
  4. The ECE honors committee will review each project final report and certify the projects that have been successfully completed at the honors level.


Unit Considerations

Except for the two-unit graduate seminar, this honors program does not increase a participant’s total unit requirements. The honors project will satisfy the departmental design requirement and students may use four units of their honors project course as a technical elective.